What is Lawn Rejuvenation?

Here in the Northwest, most lawns will at one time or another need rejuvenation.  Rejuvenation is a multi-step process that helps reduce and repair compacted soil, excessive thatch build-up, and unmanageable weeds and moss. Because total lawn replacement is a very expensive and difficult process, we believe that our process is more cost effective option, therefore a better choice for most of our customers.

DogGrass-GreenCleanThe Rejuvenation Process

  • De-Thatch  – Removes excess thatch (dead grass) build up and moss. This process can remove up to 75{3e1ca2719c6892f6c9f0807496f5f89f6b6c8acc12416474dbc57ba74a95a310} of the moss in your yard.
  • Areation  – The process of aeration allows for better drainage, reduced compaction in the soil, and thickening of the root system.
  • Lime  – Liming is done to adjust the pH of soil. The pH of your soil should range between 5.5 and 7.5. If the pH is above or below this range, the grass and plants have difficulty absorbing certain essential nutrients they need to thrive.  Moss grows more in acidic soil. Lime sweetens the soil and can help reduce moss growth.
  • Seeding  – We completely overseed the entire lawn to help fill in any thin areas or bald spots.  We use a professional grade lawn seed design for the Pacific Northwest that contains ryegrass and fine fescue.
  • Fertilization  – We use a starter fertilizer that enhances and accelerates the lawn growth, and also provides essential nutrients to green up your lawn.

How do I get started?

Since every lawn is different, and we pride ourselves on personal analysis, we must look at each yard to determine size, condition, and obstacles such as: gate access, pets, hills, sprinklers, yard furniture, toys, and strange and unusual yard art.  Simple call us to get a FREE quote on any of our services.